Growth-oriented companies are fast-forwarding digital transformation programmes to deliver revenue management capabilities and achieve speed, scale and repeatability in the dynamic global environment. 

Kantar Technology assets dedicated to FMCG companies, the Sales Performance Platform, support the entire revenue management process, from insights to action, through extensive analytics, insights, optimisation, management, and execution capabilities.

Our RGM solutions embed AI/ML-driven analytics and natively integrate with our full suite of solutions to easily translate revenue management insights into effective actions across channels, customers and brands.

Embrace digital transformation, make revenue growth management an “everybody and everyday” practice in your organisation, and drive profitable growth for your company and your retail partners.

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RGM Solutions for Trade Promotion Effectiveness
Take the guesswork out of promotional investments for a higher return on your trade promotion activities.
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RGM Solutions for Pricing Management & Optimisation
The right support for pricing management rigour and realisation, from insights to action.
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Revenue Growth Management Curated Content
Your digital guide to growth and value creation, authored by our experts.
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About Kantar’s Sales Performance Platform 

Our mission is to help FMCGs drive successful digital transformation programs aimed at creating value and driving growth by enabling the right revenue management capabilities at speed and scale across the entire organisation.

Through our modular approach, we help pace and drive Revenue Management digital transformation according to your organisational needs. Our Sales Performance Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, integrates with leading ERP, CRM and supply chain solutions in the market, supporting the delivery of enterprise plans and goals in a seamless, secure, and scalable fashion.

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