Sport Viewing & Media Analysis
Get a deep understanding of the global coverage and viewership of sport and its power as a commercial platform.

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If you want a richer understanding of the effectiveness of sports properties as vehicles for reaching consumers, we can help. Kantar has expertise, built over more than 25 years, of gathering and delivering global audience data and sponsorship analysis for leading brands and rights holders.

Key features

Global reach, local expertise

Our network in 40+ markets means you get support from people in country, who can help contextualise insights and provide nuance.

Sports viewing data

Working with global leaders in audience research, get a richer understanding of who is engaging with what sports, and how.

Media analysis, brand exposure & valuation data

Clearly understand the effectiveness of sport in delivering brand visibility and value for partner brands.

More information

Kantar was the first company to bring image recognition to the sports market in 2004, resulting in a deep understanding of this area of research. Clients benefit from experienced and knowledgeable staff overseeing all aspects of the process, delivering not only guaranteed quality, but also human-driven insight. You can easily compare the results generated, thanks to consistent methodologies across all different media channels.

Accurate media analysis is a crucial element in delivering against contractual KPIs and understanding the performance of sponsorship assets.

Stringent quality control is applied throughout the process, giving you confidence in our robust analysis of the sporting industry.

Capitalising on the market coverage available to Kantar, we bring you better access and better understanding of the data surrounding your content. Local expertise draws out compelling insights and actionable recommendations.

Clients benefit from our flexible approach to servicing and delivery. We offer the opportunity of Excel exports, PowerPoint reports or Power BI access, enabling clients to dissect the data sets at their convenience.

Our industry experts are always on hand to offer consultation or support the presentation of results and insight.

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