ABOS (Address-Based Online Surveying)
ABOS allows online or paper surveying of a fresh, random sample of the general public.


With ABOS, we draw a random sample of addresses and send an invitation letter to each one, asking the residents to complete a survey online. A paper option is available for those who need it. Up to two reminders are sent and a shopping voucher is given to all who take part.

Key features

A sample drawn from the whole population

ABOS covers everybody, not just those on a panel. This feature means ABOS can be used to produce official statistics.

ABOS studies can be of almost any scale

These can be of any scale, anywhere, and as local as you need: we have carried out ABOS studies in a single postcode district.

A benchmark for other online studies

Enhance the quality of an online panel ‘tracker’ survey by commissioning a parallel ABOS study to benchmark the results, sense-checking your data.

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