Campari: Commercial excellence through Trade Promotion Management

campari case study trade promotion management
With Kantar's help, Campari was able to effectively deliver business planning, trade promotion management, contract management and retail execution, to deliver real growth.


Campari account managers were not equipped with a consistent promotion management solution capable of streamlining and harmonising processes across markets, and were unable to focus operations with an over-arching business perspective. The challenge was to shift from working in silos by incentivising teams to collaborate with a unified business-focused approach.


By implementing a CBM program (based on the use of Kantar's Sales Performance Platform solution dedicated to Trade Promotions), Campari was able to give their account managers the visibility necessary to successfully work across teams and align actions to business goals and drive growth. It empowered the behaviours of the commercial organisation and brought more value behind the investment.


The project provided insight into how TPM can be leveraged to create an integrated approach across teams, as a means to produce greater impact and commercial success. It highlighted the effectiveness of aligning ways of working across the organisation and how added visibility across the business can effectively unify team efforts to reach a clear business-oriented goal, instead of merely achieving short-term, operationally focused targets.


Campari successfully broke down silos between the demand planning and commercial teams to align around volumes, investments, and profitability to achieve business goals. Campari’s sales team is now empowered to make informed and impactful decisions. But, most importantly to Campari’s long-term CBM vision, Kantar’s solution “provided one tool, one process and one proven set of capabilities across Campari and ensured ‘future fit’”, setting Campari up for long-term success.

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