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Discover how Kantar XTEL can help you Achieve Profitable Revenue Growth
Trusted by over 100 CPG Companies
As a result of successful partnerships with over 100 leading CPG companies worldwide, Kantar XTEL is uniquely positioned to accompany you in your journey to achieve profitable revenue growth. 

We understand that for you to enable successful transformation for your organisation you need to make revenue management an everyday and scalable practice across the business, through proven digitalisation and change management. 

Our holistic approach to revenue management digital transformation encompasses all key pillars – data & insights, processes, systems and people – through a powerful blend of technology platforms, advanced data management and analytics, and value realisation capabilities.
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How we help you achieve all change drivers


Digitalise your revenue processes in a smart, repeatable and scalable manner. 
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Value realisation 

Build your path for successful change and profitable growth.
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Data and Insights

Establish the right foundations to fuel the best decisions for you and your trade partners around the globe.
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“A forward-looking and holistic approach is imperative for FMCGs to succeed in the midst of a shifting macroeconomic environment and inflationary crisis.”

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Our Industry Expertise

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