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Webinar: Heineken implements Trade Promotion Optimisation to control promo spend

In this webinar, Heineken’s panel of IT, Finance and Sales leaders will take us through their TPx journey
How Heineken modernised the IT landscape to improve Trade Promotion effectiveness and boost growth

In this webinar, Heineken’s IT, Finance and Sales leaders walk through their TPx digitalisation journey, starting from the decision to introduce a trade promotion management system to manage sales channels and volume growth, all the way through to its transformation into a value growth generator, supported by a technological landscape modernisation to Microsoft Azure cloud.

In this panel discussion, Heineken also highlight key learnings, pitfalls to avoid, and best practices to collaborate towards a common goal.

Listen now to hear multiple perspectives on sales processes automation, how they can be a key lever for collaboration and growth, and feel free to share with your colleagues.

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