What do 5 years of search engines worldwide requests teach us about sustainability trends?

Discover the insights resulting from an analysis of billions of requests related to sustainable development on search engines, at the global level, for 5 years, in 3 sectors
20 mars 2022
Roman Ptaszynski

Head of Analytics C&SE Region

Patricia Flores

Deputy Lead - Brand Strategy

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In 2021, Kantar Insights conducted Kantar Sustainability Foundational Study across 35 countries, in order to better understand consumers’ expectations and behaviours about sustainability. The Kantar Sustainability Foundational Study identified the main areas of tension between people’s behaviours, their priorities and their expectations for sustainable actions in 35 industries.

In 2022, Kantar Insights builds on these results in order to further deepen your understanding of three key industries :

  • The Food and Beverage industry
  • Retail
  • Finance

The Kantar Analytics department screened consumers’ requests on search engines related to the main expectations identified in the 2021 Kantar Sustainability Foundational Study. Our experts analyzed these questions on a 5-year period and on a global scale, with the exception of China.

This presentation is a tremendous opportunity to deepen your understanding of these markets and adapt your brand and innovation strategies.

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