Innovation and growth for Pladis through snacking moments

Snack company Pladis used Kantar insights around consumption moments to innovate, reach more consumers, and grow the brand.


Pladis wanted to better understand snack food behaviours, so it could both make the most of its existing portfolio and develop potential innovation opportunities, in order to maximise growth in its key markets.


We began with a primary survey, plus data from across Kantar, to define the global demand framework in Snacking. We then moved on to define where to play, sizing and prioritizing consumption moments, and how to win in those spaces – both globally and locally. Finally, we initiated new brand creation in the two priority opportunity areas, and hardwired brand targets into media planning data. 


The client's mindset was reframed; from narrow category thinking to a broad perspective of consumption moments. This led to a changed innovation strategy; bigger and better innovations based on real growth opportunities.


We maximized Pladis’ portfolio reach, giving the business more penetration, with clear delineation across brands. We also helped them create more meaningful conversations, and more customer buy-in and support through thought leadership. Kantar implemented a new business approach for Pladis which was deployed consistently across the organisation.

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