Data Appending
Using third-party data, we can make today’s surveys mobile, enjoyable and engaging... while still digging deeper.


We can be smarter about the data we are collecting and integrate insights with other survey data: syndicated studies, social media and behavioural data. Append with the likes of Acxiom Personicx Lifestage & Digital; Experian Mosaic; I-Behavior Purchase Categories & Retail Brands; Futures Company Marketing Receptivity, LIVING Well, and MindBase.

Key features

Making data work harder for you

Data Appends can segment your customer database, personalise your consumer communications and identify new segments.

Fully profiled panel

Our panel meets the industry’s most extensive and relevant set of consumer classification data.

Asking fewer questions

Ask what you need to and append the rest. Capture a holistic view of today’s consumer without asking a lot of questions.

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