Evidenciando nuances interculturais para uma marca de bebidas

To help position a newly acquired brand for a spirits company, Kantar used an ethnographic approach to provide a full profile of the global consumer landscape.


A spirits company wanted to create a global positioning and consumption strategy for a newly acquired brand, but realised that brand perceptions and usage varied across key global markets - and that they had little foundational knowledge.


In-home Life Streaming among friends, combined with mobile journals, provided an intimate, ‘real-world’ view of category trends and cultural similarities across markets as well as unique nuances within markets.

Life Streaming is a technology-based ethnographic approach that studies people in their natural habitats using observation or video diaries.


This in-depth understanding of brand perceptions and usage established the foundation for a new positioning and provided a roadmap for development of a broader portfolio strategy for the company.


This equipped the global marketing team and agency with a complete profile of the global consumer landscape, including brand drivers/barriers, clear strategic direction for positioning and growth, and tactical recommendations for improving brand visibility and relevance. 

This formed the basis for long-term global and market-specific creative ideas.

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