Helping Ford navigate the future of mobility

Kantar showed Ford where to play to win, and how to profit from the connected consumer.


Ford was becoming more and more aware of new business models disrupting the future of mobility, fuelled by the proliferation of digital technologies. They were worried that the marketplace was changing, with new competitors such as Uber, and if they didn’t take action they would become less relevant for the consumer.


Kantar identified 70+ macro drivers that were refined into 8 defining dynamics of the industry. We also delivered a highly immersive two-day Future Forum, bringing together 10 experts, 13 internal stakeholders and 14 agency partners.


A consumer-centric company vision and Future Playbook was developed around “4 Big Bets” for profiting from the connected consumer. The plans each have targets and measures to track success, and will now be reviewed and evolved annually.


With Kantar's help, Ford developed the “4 Big Bets” that now constitute the pillars of its business strategy for the future. The outputs of the work were presented by Mark Fields, CEO, at the Las Vegas CES show.


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