Delivering qualified traffic to Philips with an estimated paid media value of $2m+

By mapping the search opportunity, we helped Philips build a valuable content hub and boost visibility.
Sergey Lesnikov, Senior Global Digital Marketing Manager, Philips“Amazing commercial value, with a great combination of marketing experts and innovative tech.”


Philips’ ambition was to become the go-to content hub for advice on men’s shaving, facial styling and body grooming. This required them to increase their visibility and relevance across the digital consumer decision journey.


To identify the most relevant search areas that Philips could own, it was critical to understand both the content and context of their questions regarding grooming and the nature of visuals and information sought. Mavens, a Kantar company, used bespoke technology to quantify and map the search opportunity for male grooming at scale. We analysed more than four million monthly searches; clustered these into distinct opportunities; and surfaced the mindsets behind each search area. We prioritised audiences and ownable topics against which we created performance content.


We delivered qualified traffic to Philips websites with an estimated paid media value of over $2 million. It was on track to reach an estimated $6.5m in 2020.


Philips now has much stronger online visibility. In the US alone, the brand is on page 1 of search results for around 70% of target searches. For all content published, we have already reached Page 1 visibility across 4 million searches.

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