Transforming brands in the deodorant landscape

STAN Landscape about deodorant and antiperspirant was used for effective ideation, NPD and effective marketing strategies for a leading manufacturer.


The deodorant and antiperspirant landscape is rapidly changing with rising consumer concerns and needs alongside new competitor solutions. Global competitors are innovating new product forms and smaller brands are starting to take our clients distribution space.

Our client was looking to drive transformation. To revitalise their brands and unlock the next chapter of growth, we looked at:

  • Macro trends driving the body odour space to become more contextually relevant to health and beauty trends, occasions and problems
  • Growing ingredients / ingredients combinations to revitalise the deodorant offering
  • The profile of those talking about body odour and sweat


The results of the project will be used to help with idea creation of new products and marketing strategies

  • Create a universe
    • Query based on: Product types, body odour/ sweat needs and product attributes
  • Structure the universe
    • Taxonomy creation
  • Analyse
    • STAN was main tool used
  • Shallow and deep dive
  • Delivery


1. Through our analysis, we spotted 5 Macrotrends (with key goals & motivations) driving consumer choices: 

  • Natural evolution
  • Sustainability
  • Female empowerment
  • Control my products
  • From hygiene to self care

2.Then we explored the motivations that had triggered each of these trends, and barriers to change.

3. We looked at how the client was performing against each of these trends.

4. And crafted new ideas linking to Jobs to be done and ingredients:

  • Purposeful detox products to help ease the journey to natural
  • Product applicators or new formats for easy application


We provided recommendations on how they can evolve & succeed to stay relevant in the changing landscape, including activation against female empowerment, and looking at natural ingredient replacements.

We also segmented the consumer base into distinct tribes and explored their interests, influences and demographics.

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