Helping a DIY retailer grow through employee engagement

Kantar helped a European DIY retailer increase employee engagement - and improve sales - by identifying the areas that would have the biggest impact.


A European DIY retailer with 90 outlets wanted to grow by increasing customer per customer visit. They wanted to understand employee commitment and engagement in the sales process and create an actionable system to identify the most impactful drivers of employee commitment and engagement.


We used TRI*M HiPO to identify the organisation’s strengths and priority improvement areas to help them drive business success. We explored the four pillars of employee engagement; leadership excellence, strategy, goal alignment and organisational capability.


We identified two priority areas to focus on in the sales process and showed how improvements would impact ROI; customer empathy and creating a more diverse workforce.

We helped our client refocus with customer orientation workshops – focusing on stores with low satisfactions.


Improved internal communications and training led to an increase in employee motivation.

Sales rose by 2% per visit in stores where employee engagement increased.

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