Inclusion & Diversity

We believe that everyone is unique, and will only be truly successful when they can bring their whole selves to work.

At Kantar, we aim to create an inclusive workplace where everyone can grow and flourish, as well as helping our clients understand the diverse nature of their own customers. Diversity drives innovation and creativity, enabling us to better serve the needs of our clients. Inclusion creates a culture of belonging, where everyone is empowered to succeed. 

Creating an inclusive culture and society

We strive to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, through our talent acquisition, local workplace policies, training and positive company culture. We also help our clients understand their customers better, and address their business challenges through the lens of inclusion and diversity.

Diverse talent and inclusive hiring practices

We want to attract, retain and develop a diverse mix of talented individuals, and create an inclusive culture where everyone can succeed. In each region, we focus on I&D initiatives that have a big impact locally. These range from inclusive behaviour training to flexible working policies, from neurodiversity workshops to return-to-work programmes for people who have taken career breaks.

We are changing how we recruit people to be more inclusive. We support a number of global virtual networks where people connect on key topics, including Pride @ Kantar, Colourful @ Kantar, Women of Kantar and the Neurodiversity Network. And we celebrate events such as International Women’s Day and Pride through global programmes.

Bold and inclusive leadership

We are committed to helping Kantar leaders build and foster a diverse workplace. Our leaders must be aware of leading and behaving inclusively, really care about inclusion, and dare to be different.

Our global priority is to see more diversity in our leadership, starting with gender. Progress is positive, but we have work to do. We set targets on our succession plans, talent grids, and high potential lists to deliver a fair process that encourages men and women equally through the pipeline.

We offer mentoring schemes for senior women, and our Empowering Growth programme is available to our leaders. This focuses on the behaviour change needed to create a culture of inclusion – one that enables the business and our employees to flourish.

Stimulating our clients' thinking on I&D

We bring diverse perspectives to opportunities and challenges for our clients, across sectors and markets. Recent projects have brought our I&D commitments into our clients' organisations, making positive changes:

The Inclusion Index helps companies assess their performance on issues of Equality, Inclusion and Diversity (EID), and to support them in making positive change internally.

What Women Want: Through this study we analysed the role of self-esteem and gender, and how this might impact brand perception. The report showed that brands are risking their customer relationships (and their brand value) by failing to correctly reflect, represent and champion women in their marketing and advertising efforts.

AdReaction: Getting Gender Right delivers new insights into the role of gender in brand strategy, creative response and media targeting.

The Reykjavik Index for Leadership – a collaboration with Women Political Leaders – measures the extent to which society is comfortable with women in leadership as compared to men in leadership.