Revenue Growth Management Solutions 

Kantar XTEL’s comprehensive approach to Revenue Growth Management helps you drive value creation in a smart and scalable way. Our industry-dedicated solutions are powered by StepUp RGM to enable your organisation to digitalise your RGM processes and skill up your teams in all commercial levers: promotions, pricing, assortment and trade terms.

We help you implement your full RGM roadmap, tap into the power of quality data, and use AI/ML analytics to drive optimal trade investments decisions for you and retail partners. The integration with Kantar XTEL’s TPM and retail execution solutions deliver a connected digital platform and actionable revenue management practice at enterprise scale.

Make Revenue Management an everyday practice and mindset

Get your data foundations in place

Ensure you have quality data at the roots of your revenue management processes to deliver trusted insights for you and your retail partners.

Make RGM easy for everybody

Empower your teams with a full platform to deliver actionable recommendations across RGM areas and drive profitable decisions down to the field.

Make technology and brain power work together

Optimise each revenue growth management pillar through iterative processes that leverage both state-of-art analytics and proven expert approach.

Drive growth with optimal capabilities

Build capabilities across teams and enable scalable revenue management practices through a connected RGM-TPM-Retail Execution platform.

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More than 500 successful RGM practices
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“The insights generated 50x ROI… we cut 70% of our promotions budget over 3 years without losing market share."

Confectionery Company

“In an inflationary period, Kantar XTEL’s StepUp RGM solutions are one of the tools you need to have to realise healthy growth in top and bottom line.”

Food Company

“Thanks to the insights generated by Kantar XTEL’s StepUp RGM solutions we realised roughly $30mln of savings.”

FMCG Company

RGM levers to deliver profitable growth

Drive trade promotional effectiveness

  • Understand past promotion performance, identify drivers of profitable incrementality, and single out value-generating initiatives
  • Predict future promotional results by leveraging quality data to forecast both baseline and incremental values
  • Optimise trade funds allocation and promotional planning through robust prescriptive analytics
  • Deliver actionable promotional guidelines to commercial teams to maximise effectiveness

Deliver pricing realisation at scale

  • Calculate price elasticities and identify price thresholds and ladders with advanced modelling capabilities 
  • Optimise price pack architecture and deliver a defensible pricing structure across brands, channels and markets
  • Simulate the full impact of pricing strategies on your organisation’s and customers’ P&Ls
  • Guide commercial teams in executing the pricing journey with their customers for maximum price realisation 

Maximise profitability for you and your customers

  • Understand profit pool evolution in detail through a holistic and continuous view for your organisation and retail partners
  • Identify key drivers of margin evolution - volume, price and mix - uncover margin drainers and determine improvement areas
  • Simulate the impact of changes in value drivers to inform win-win trade decisions and maximise future results
  • Support commercial teams with optimal trade terms and fact-based negotiation with retail customers

Implement a winning portfolio mix

  • Determine portfolio performance with a 360° view of key metrics per customer, category and market
  • Identify underperforming products, portfolio gaps and white spaces
  • Determine distribution opportunities and the size of the prize
  • Model the impact of portfolio mix on the profit & loss

RGM Promo Effectiveness

Download our infographic to learn how to support your Promotion Effectiveness. Free download here

RGM Pricing Mgt

Download our infographic for insights on how to support Pricing Management and Optimisation. Download now

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Accelerate value realisation

Enterprise-scale RGM practices, from roadmap creation to full digitisation and capability building.

Profitable revenue growth through an optimal mix of commercial levers and trade spend in each market.

Trusted RGM insights across all levers based on high-quality data and best-in-class analytics.

Improved collaboration with retail partners through win-win programs driving both top and bottom lines.

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