Embracing an Accelerated Approach to Trade Promotion Digitisation

FMCGs know that trade promotion effectiveness is a growth driver, yet hesitate to invest in trade promotion digital transformation tools for fear of resource and change management challenges. 

Kantar offers an accelerated approach that quickly establishes Trade Promotion Management foundations so your sales teams can plan and build effective promotions, have informed conversations in the market, and improve ways of working sooner.

Kantar TPM Accelerated Approach

Download our infographic to learn how Kantar helps you kickstart trade promotion digitisation quickly, at cost, and with ease. To find out more, speak with one of our experts in Trade Promotion Management and Digital Transformation. Get in touch. 


The benefits? 

  • Equip your organisation with an industry and market-specific solution
  • Save time and resources through faster implementation
  • Ensure user adoption and improved ways of working through early hands-on use of the system
  • Grow-as-you-go: add advanced capabilities to the system as your business scales and needs develop
  • Embed best practices by implementing with industry experts who have over 25 years of industry experience.


Is a TPM Accelerated Approach right for me?

The Kantar Accelerated Approach is well-suited for those at the beginning of their trade promotion digital transformation journey. It expedites change and commercial results while saving time and resources.

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