Webinar series: Digital transformation for commercial excellence and growth

Join our webinars to learn from the CPG market leaders how to implement successful digital transformation programs to achieve commercial excellence and profitable growth.
11 November 2020
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suzana dias

Group Solutions Director, Consulting Division

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As the CPG world faces unprecedented disruption, learning from past experiences is more relevant than ever. Get caught up with our industry dedicated webinar series to understand how digital transformation is key to fostering profitable revenue growth and driving commercial excellence in the CPG space.

Previous webinars

10 November: The Kraft Heinz TPx Journey: Digital Transformation Across Borders

In this presentation, Kraft Heinz shared their TPx digital transformation journey and the key factors that gave teams across Europe the courage to go after lasting change. You will hear why they started a TPx implementation, what changed through the course of the program, and their recommendations and learnings post-implementation. They will also cover how the TPx program provided a “common language” that helped bridge communication gaps across country lines, remedied fragmented ways of working across the commercial business cycle, overcame resistance to change, and created the foundation for togetherness.  To access the presentation, fill out the form below

15 September: A conversation with Clif Bar: Digital transformation as a foundation for long-term growth

In this panel discussion, Clif Bar and Kantar discussed the value of a pre-design assessment phase, and the key learnings that are helping prepare the implementation.  They expanded upon the as-is and to-be assessment, the key objectives that are framing their project, and provided best practices around ways of working that will carry through to the next phases of their TPx journey. To access the presentation, fill out the form below.

8 July: A Conversation with BEL and Kellogg's: Driving sustainable commercial change and growth in 2020 and beyond

In our moderated panel session, Bel's Fred Harris and Kellogg’s Alexis Janssen shared their learnings, thoughts and advice around how to successfully drive digital transformation across markets in the TPx area, which pitfalls to avoid, and how to create the right foundation to thrive during the recovery phase and beyond. Kantar’s Adam Holmes shared best practices around how to activate key digitization pillars processes, people and analytics in the journey. To access the presentation, fill out the form below.

26 May: Campari - A Transformational Journey to Deliver Commercial Excellence for Growth

In this webinar, Kapila Chanaka Silva, Campari’s Group Commercial FP&A Director walked us through Campari’s digital transformation journey across commercial teams in Europe and North America to effectively deliver business planning, trade promotion management, contract management and retail execution, as well as how they are utilizing Kantar solutions to foster commercial change, deliver real growth, and win in the market.

Campari began its digital transformation journey by implementing the Kantar TPM solution, benefitting from an operational perspective and enhanced commercial activities. Yet, Campari found their account managers were losing sight of the over-arching business perspective. TPM solutions alone could not help the teams to shift from an operational mode to a strategic business-focused approach. 

To solve for this, Campari established a customer business management (CBM) vision to “enable Camparistas to manage customers as Campari manages their businesses as a whole” and a mission to “transform sales managers to commercial managers by giving ‘full transparency and accountability over the customer’s P&L’”. 

Through their CBM program “The next generation of commercial excellence,” Campari was able to create an integrated approach across teams.  As stated by Chanaka Silva, “The demand planning, sales, commercial finance and marketing teams overall, were working in silos. What CBM brought to the table was that the demand planning team began integrating the commercial team” which broke down silos and finally provided visibility and understanding around volumes, investments, and profitability. But most importantly to Campari’s long-term CBM vision, “it provided one tool, one process and one proven set of capabilities across Campari and ensured a ‘future fit’”.

If you would like to hear more about Campari’s implementation of their CBM program, how they aligned markets in a common way of working, as well as their learnings and key benefits, access the presentation by filling out the form below.

12 May: The new category management of data, knowledge and experience

The COVID-19 economic shocks, and retail and shopper displacement has brought a new reality, which requires a new structure, one that can be fitted to category management and trade optimisation. In this webinar, Dave Marcotte and Richard Hilton present on how to navigate the COVID-19 disruptors and how to build a winning TPM strategy.

To better understand the unusual times we live in and how we can bring value back into the business. To do so, we must look harder at the data that is available, pay attention to how it ages, and re-assess the assumptions that went into the data prior to COVID-19 - as now they no longer apply.

To drill down on the extent of the impact, it’s important to focus on the global, national, and regional levels, particularly around the housing market, government policies, and whether or not our children will be returning physically to school. These factors are driving shopper behaviour and necessity – which controls changes in category trends. If there is a shift, it changes the entire dynamic and how we should move forward. Overall, we need to reassess how to define and use our data to get clear around scenario planning within the known frameworks.

In addition to scenario planning around COVID-19, Richard Hilton will walk you through Nestle’s digital transformation journey, and explains how to build a TPM strategy focused on the consumer, creating the base for a successful implementation and continued growth.

To learn more from Dave Marcotte and Richard Hilton, complete the form below to access the “The New Category Management of Data, Knowledge and Experience” presentation.

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