Webinar series: Digital transformation for commercial excellence and growth

Join our webinars to learn from the CPG market leaders how to implement successful digital transformation programs to achieve commercial excellence and profitable growth.
06 April 2020
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suzana dias

Group Solutions Director, Consulting Division

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As the CPG world faces unprecedented disruption, learning from successful past experiences is more relevant than ever. Get caught up with our series of webinars - beginning on May 26th - to understand how digital transformation is key to driving commercial excellence in the CPG space and fostering profitable revenue growth.

Webinar 1: Campari - A Transformational Journey to Deliver Commercial Excellence for Growth

In this webinar, Kapila Chanaka Silva, Campari’s Group Commercial FP&A Director walked us through Campari’s digital transformation journey across commercial teams in Europe and North America to effectively deliver business planning, trade promotion management, contract management and retail execution, as well as how they are utilizing Kantar solutions to foster commercial change, deliver real growth, and win in the market.

Campari began its digital transformation journey by implementing the Kantar TPM solution, benefitting from an operational perspective and enhanced commercial activities. Yet, Campari found their account managers were losing sight of the over-arching business perspective. TPM solutions alone could not help the teams to shift from an operational mode to a strategic business-focused approach. 

To solve for this, Campari established a customer business management (CBM) vision to “enable Camparistas to manage customers as Campari manages their businesses as a whole” and a mission to “transform sales managers to commercial managers by giving ‘full transparency and accountability over the customer’s P&L’”. 

Through their CBM program “The next generation of commercial excellence,” Campari was able to create an integrated approach across teams. As stated by Chanaka Silva, “The demand planning, sales, commercial finance and marketing teams overall, were working in silos. What CBM brought to the table was that the demand planning team began integrating the commercial team” which broke down silos and finally provided visibility and understanding around volumes, investments, and profitability. But most importantly to Campari’s long-term CBM vision, “it provided one tool, one process and one proven set of capabilities across Campari and ensured a ‘future fit’”.

If you would like to hear more about Campari’s implementation of their CBM program, how they aligned markets in a common way of working, as well as their learnings and key benefits, access the presentation by filling out the form below.

Stay tuned for the additional instalments of our webinars, details will be announced soon:

  • July 16, 2020
  • September 10, 2020
  • October 15, 2020
  • November 3, 2020
  • December 3, 2020


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