Kantar’s Global Foundational Study provides a robust, consistent understanding of sustainability issues by sector across markets so that you can prioritise your focus and investment. Included is also our proprietary consumer segmentation which provides an activation lens, unpacking how to win with different groups. We also examine the value action gap amongst the segments to understand where your brands can play a role in nudging better behaviours.

What are we answering?

  • Which the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) really matter to consumers? 
  • Which sustainability topics your brands should address within your category? 
  • How can you understand and target the right consumer sub-segments?
  • Which sustainable behaviours are consumers engaging in and which are they struggling with? 

What do we deliver?

  • Snapshot of the macro sustainability issues that are important to consumers
  • Category level Swords & Shields mapping allows clients to align their brand purpose
  • Deep understanding of the behavioural segments enabling clients to build activation plans for interventions and communications
  • Make it easier for consumers to choose a brand by highlighting opportunities to solve consumer tensions.


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