Creative Transport
Make your creative go further. Understand which markets it could successfully transfer to with our predictive AI model.

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Predict how your creative will perform in new markets with AI; maximise campaign effectiveness, shrink production costs and accelerate speed to market. Our predictive models learn from your previous ads and our Link database to show you where to reuse and when new investment is needed.

Greg Pharo, Global Director Media Analytics & Advertising Research, The Coca-Cola Company, said“Kantar’s Creative Transport represents world-class innovation. It combines the best elements of machine learning/AI with legacy products like Link creative testing to deliver powerful new insights.”

Key features

Increased sales

Air the best content in each market to reach your audience, drive sales and enhance long-term brand value.

Reduced expenditure

Know which creative assets work best, and where, to avoid creating unnecessary content and optimise investment.

Increased ROI

Knowing how your creative performs across the globe, means you can test more brands and creative with the same budget.

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