Gestione di Ricerche Custom

Programmazione di indagini e fieldwork, per progetti di ricerca completamente personalizzati.

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If you have specific data collection needs, bring them to us. Our survey design, sampling and fieldwork experts are equipped to manage the most unique or complex survey specifications for you. From ad hoc studies and tracking research, to custom diaries and in-home usage tests (IHUTs), our teams have the experience you need for quality results.

Key features

Local experts

Tap into our local expertise - from survey design, sampling, data enhancement and project management.

Collecting data with confidence

Trust that your surveys are designed for the people taking them. When you use our award-winning programming tools, know they were built to be respondent-first.

Report with ease

From crosstabs to fully dynamic dashboards, we have the tools you need to interpret your results and uncover deep insights.

More information

Kantar’s team of local experts and dedicated fieldwork managers are here to help you from survey design through data collection and dashboards.

Whether you need answers quickly, or are looking for strategic input, we can help.

  • Tap into our survey design expertise for advice on how to ask the right questions in the right way – so people want to complete your surveys.
  • Talk to our local sampling experts for best practices on demographic and attitudinal audience targeting in any of our 70 markets.
  • Work with dedicated project managers with a range of experience, from quick ad hoc studies to more complex projects like custom diaries, in-home-usage tests (IHUT) and product tests
  • Let us program for you. Our award-wining tools are designed to engage the people taking them.
  • Trust your insights, knowing the consistency of our double opt-in panels and unique data quality measures will support reliable, normative databases.

Come to us with your tracking work. We’ll provide you with tailored research solutions that deliver consistent insights and accurate trending, wave after wave.

Our extensive experience with trackers and award-winning tools paired with the Kantar Profiles Network ensures your trackers are designed to be effective across markets, fielded efficiently, and driven by quality. Brands and agencies use Kantar for their tracking research because of our:

  • Global network and first-party data: talk to our 100+ million permission-based respondents
  • Global experience: we handle more than 1,000 trackers each year, with more than 150,000 completes a month
  • Structured tracker process: we ensure consistent sample for every wave
  • Real-time visuals: use our reporting tools to maximise the benefit from your research

We offer access to our Kantar Profiles Network, a network of 100+ million people ready to provide answers to your questions, even if you don’t need support with your survey design or programming. Come to us for first-party data and sample-only fieldwork. Our experienced team of project managers will get your survey in front of respondents quickly.

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