Build a unique experience through NeedScope to drive your brand’s Meaningful Difference

We live in what some call the Age of Experience, in which the priorities of consumers have changed.
19 maggio 2022
Build a unique experience through NeedScope
Valeria Chiappini

Associate Director, Brand Strategy & Guidance, Insights Division


We live in what some call the Age of Experience, in which the priorities of consumers have changed with material possessions losing currency in favour of experiences that provide stimulation, engagement – and in a word, memories. Consumers’ focus, especially among younger generations, has shifted from accumulating to accessing, from possessing to sharing, and from owning to living life to the fullest. 

That is why finding a compelling brand purpose and delivering it with clarity and discipline across all the aspects of the customer experience is more crucial than ever for brands. Being a brand nowadays is a matter of owing a share of life and granting access to a whole universe of experience, lifestyle, and meaning that goes well beyond the product. That is a tall order. 

This is also the challenge Kantar took on with Grom, the super-premium Italian gelato brand founded in 2003 and currently owned by Unilever. In 2020, Grom was entering a new phase and had the ambition to grow from a gelateria network into a seamless ecosystem, focused on a multi-channel strategy for generating an impact on people’s lives. In this scenario, Grom asked Kantar’s help in finding a clear, compelling, differentiating, relevant, and actionable purpose that could inspire and shape everything the brand does. The goal was to present consumers with a single, unified brand and ensure a consistent experience across all touchpoints.

The decision to look at this challenge through the NeedScope lens was a natural one as relevance, clarity, and consistency are the mantras of the NeedScope model, which provides a sound compass for brands to build and deploy their strategies. 

Our journey unfolded across several strategic milestones, during which NeedScope was the thread that held everything together. 

The Foundation for the project was to carry out a brand chronicle and audit to distil the brand’s DNA and identify the key values and assets that could fuel the new purpose. An extensive trend, semiotic, and consumer research study was then conducted to uncover fresh and untapped spaces of opportunity, both in the category and the culture at large. This enabled us to find alternative NeedScope routes that rang true to the brand’s DNA as well as with emergent culture and category trends. 

Once the decision on Where to Play was made, Kantar accompanied Grom in the How to Win phase, which consisted of several co-creation sessions to build purpose and positioning statements and draw the guidelines of the Brand Key. As a result, Grom’s current #PureWonder brand strategy platform came to life.

Of course, this was just the beginning of Kantar’s journey with Grom, as other workstreams branched off to ensure that the purpose lived and breathed in the world across multiple brand touchpoints. In this phase, Kantar supported Grom to define the What to Do for its visual identity and Purpose in Action.

NeedScope has provided focus at every stage of the journey, granting a solid conceptual framework to unlock Grom’s Meaningful Difference and ensure the clarity, alignment, and coherence of new brand experience. 

NeedScope facilitated decision making around the purpose, offering a straightforward understanding of where the growth opportunities lay for Grom, and which territories were the best fit with the brand’s DNA. It also provided guidance and inspiration to shape a seamless brand ecosystem and made it possible to distil a set of principles and guidelines to ensure consistency over time. 


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