Media Consumption Profiles
Understand the media consumption profile of different shopper groups within an FMCG category.

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Utilises information captured via both a questionnaire and an App usage meter on panelists’ mobile phone to understand the kind of media shoppers consume and how much time they spend across different media vehicles and platforms.

Key features

Accurate Link of Purchase Behaviour & Media Consumption 

Single source solution linking purchase and media consumption which allows you to so how different brand buyers consume media.  

Actionable Guidance on Digital Strategy  

Impactful insights about the mobile app usage and behavior allows Kantar Worldpanel to form actionable recommendations that will guide future digital strategies. 

Precise Target Buyer Segment for Growth  

Define and target precise consumer segments which are those which will grow your brand, such as heavy category buyers but non-brand buyers, or low loyal brand buyers.

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