Multimedia Campaign Effectiveness
Optimise your media mix across channels to deliver impactful campaigns and improve return on investment.

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Through a questionnaire sent to our continuous consumer panelists, we ask which touchpoints they associate with each brand in a category at the relevant stage of the path to purchase (aware, consider, or trial).   

Key features

Identify Most Influential Touchpoints  

By linking the touchpoint responses to the purchase behaviour data, we can identify the touchpoints that have greatest influence on the final purchase and therefore which ones should receive increased investment. 

Role of Each Touchpoint in P2P 

Identify the key touchpoints being used at each stage along the path to purchase and understand which media is better to build awareness vs driving trial. 

Review Current Media Strategy 

Understand how effectively each brand is using different media across Paid, Owned and Earned and adjust your strategy accordingly.  

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