Stand out and drive growth for your brands with a sharp, differentiated and consistent positioning and clarity of purpose.

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With a focus on emotion, NeedScope provides the direction you need to develop and differentiate your brand positioning and deliver a consistent experience across all touchpoints. Its validated framework and unique tools help you build an irresistible brand that will drive strategic and competitive advantage.

Key features

Unique, projective approach

Understand the functional, identity and emotional needs in your market and how best to access them.

Building irresistible brands

Drive competitive advantage by evaluating your brand and the competition on four proven principles of irresistibility.

A world-class solution

NeedScope has helped build irresistible brands and drive sales in more than 15,000 studies across 115 markets.


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Irresistible brands are every marketer’s goal. They evoke powerful consumer desire, which makes choosing them inevitable and competing with them difficult. NeedScope understands the real drivers of irresistible brands and helps marketers build these into their brands.

The result is a powerful brand strategy successfully delivered through the marketing process.

NeedScope answers the following critical questions:

What does or should my brand stand for?

How can I check my brand is on track for its desired positioning?

How do I align every touchpoint to a consistent ambition?

How can my brand win and grow in the category?

BrandZ shows that brands that effectively communicate a clear sense of purpose have the potential to outperform their competitors. NeedScope shows you how to most effectively communicate your desired purpose to your target audience, and helps you understand how well it resonates.

NeedScope answers the following critical questions:

What purpose should my brand stand for?

What expression of purpose best aligns with my brand ambition?

To evaluate and evolve your brand portfolio, aligning existing brands and identifying new opportunities, we build a model to express your category and size each need state. We look at how many people, occasions and which brands are plotted against these needs, to understand how your brands are aligned and identify unmet needs and opportunities for growth.

We help you address any proximities or overlaps in positioning amongst your existing portfolio – and drive differentiation from the competition. A gap in the brand landscape where no brands are present highlights potential innovation opportunities.

NeedScope answers the following critical questions:

How can I optimise my brand or product portfolio?

How can I identify and size the best opportunities to grow my portfolio?

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