What will an elimination of cookie tracking mean for my digital campaign measurement?

Recently, technology providers have been moving to restrict access to third party cookies in select browsers. While these moves are designed to provide greater consumer privacy and enhanced site experience, the changes can also impact common methods of ad exposure measurement. Without preparation, looming browser identity changes could mean errors in reach and frequency counts used in planning and measurement, contaminated control groups may contain people who were exposed to advertising, thus decreasing impact results or an inability to measure across publishers and understand overlaps and synergies.

Kantar is working hard to ensure minimal impact for our clients and has developed a triple-coverage strategy to continue to provide accurate and comprehensive measurement of advertising exposure.

  1. Direct integrations with a broad range of partners
  2. Technical innovations proactively implemented
  3. Analytical models to fill in gaps where measurement is not complete

With the introduction of Project Moonshot, our industry-wide coalition, we’ve partnered with the biggest digital publishers, media companies and most well-known apps to ensure you can plan, buy and optimize your digital media with confidence.

While the majority of marketers agree that the inability to track digital media via cookies will disrupt the industry, only 40% have started preparing for it.

World without cookies campaign chart new 

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