The U.S. market is increasingly diverse, and brands that want to grow need to understand the needs and brand expectations of populations that are growing in size, buying power, and cultural influence. Today, more than ever, brands need to address their inclusion gaps.
The first-ever Brand Inclusion Index assesses which brands are best in class in DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), who is performing well, and who still has work to do.
Designed to help you develop a clear and committed DEI strategy, the study identifies the scale of the challenge and the steps your brand needs to take to connect with key underrepresented populations.
To discover how to attract spending from key groups and the scale of the inclusion opportunity, download our free booklet. 
What is the Brand Inclusion Index?
Our new Brand Inclusion Index focuses on people’s perception of a brand’s diversity, equity, and inclusion – what consumers see, feel, think, and how they consider the brand  as a result. The goal is to represent the under-represented to ensure the voices of those who have traditionally been  excluded by some brands are considered.

Kantar’s Brand Inclusion Index helps you to assess performance across four key dimensions – DEI strategy, diversity, equity and inclusion. Our analysis covers the absence of negative actions, the presence of positive initiatives as well as the depth of the commitment when other groups feel threatened by the attention you are showing these groups.

We can also help you dig deeper via tools such as Creative Testing to measure how inclusive your ads are perceived to be, identify business opportunities and help you set the scale of your ambitions when it comes to inclusion commitments.