Shelby recently made her return to work with the Kantar Career Comeback program. After welcoming her second child in early 2020, Shelby had to leave the workforce due to lack of childcare options during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I knew that eventually I wanted to get back to professional work, but not in a full-time capacity,” she said. “I knew that a part-time role would allow me to continue to take care of my family but also give me the opportunity to continue to pursue my career.”

In October 2021, after taking close to 18 months off corporate work, Shelby chose Kantar because of her options for flexible scheduling in a consolidated work week. She attributes her success so far to her supportive manager and teammates. “All of my colleagues have been extremely open to my schedule and respectful of the time I need to take away from my desk,” Shelby said. “I’m able to express myself creatively at work, but still have the time I need offline to take care of my young kids.”