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Make better business decisions with evolved beverage insight 
Our new and improved beverage consumption panel is ready for your use. Building on Kantar’s hugely successful US Beverages Consumption Panel, the industry’s go-to source for drinking behavior insights, this newly enhanced panel combines 30 years of consumer behavior expertise with more occasions from five times as many consumers. Capture everything, everyone, everywhere - never missing an opportunity.
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  Enhanced Beverages Consumption Panel
1.1M + occasions annually (up 20%)
30 years of expertise and experience
134,000 panelists (5 times more people annually)
30,000 Gen Z panelists - improving read on hard-to-reach groups

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  • Make more informed decisions with coverage of the entire beverage repertoire
  • Understand your share of occasions, your competitive set within different moments, and discover white space opportunities

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  • Understand every drinker, with detailed profiling of all consumers, including hard-to-reach groups such as kids, teens and millennials
  • Confidently understand your consumers and target groups with granular, robust, consistent samples – across category, subcategory, and brand level


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  • Win consumers wherever they are drinking with deep, comprehensive insights of their drinking behaviors, both in and out of the home 
  • Identify your brand’s strengths and weaknesses across all occasions and channels

          Questions we can help you answer, include:

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What does an emerging change in consumer behavior mean for my future sales?

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What other brands and categories are we competing with for target consumers?

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Where is our portfolio successful and where do we need to improve in meeting consumer needs?

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