Empowering Creativity: Research that elevates the development of more effective Creative Content

Join Kantar Qualitative for a live PowerGroup research experience.

The pace at which effective creative content gets developed has significantly increased. As a result, teams sometimes jump to executions, often shortcutting the process of ensuring the underlying creative strategy is sound. Enter Kantar’s PowerGroup solution: a one-hour session that provides quantitative direction (through comparisons to our proprietary Link Normative Database), and qualitative context to explore the power of an underlying creative strategy.

Hosted by Gonzalo Perez and Alison Zelen, this one-hour event will demonstrate how Kantar’s PowerGroup compliments the content development process.

Key discussion areas:

  • How are Kantar clients embracing PowerGroups to accelerate the development of effective Creative Content
  • Information about Kantar’s Link Normative database, and how comparing survey results acquired in a PowerGroup can provide important next steps in the process
  • How Kantar helps get at an understanding of the effectiveness of the underlying creative strategy, and how executional details are either contributing or detracting to that strategy

What: A one-hour, online, moderated, live PowerGroup with room for Q&A

When: Wednesday, September 13th at 12:00PM EST 

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