Supercharge upcoming Super Bowl and other major campaigns now, with strategic creative insights from Kantar’s powerful, agile, end-to-end approach to research.

The Super Bowl comes with its fair share of competition, especially as digital becomes a bigger part of Big Game campaigns and more advertisers are able to participate. On top of a crowded space, the bar for entertainment is high, with 66% of adults agreeing that they enjoy the Super Bowl ads more than ads from the rest of the year.

So how do marketers break through the noise and create lasting impact with consumers at a time when budgets are shrinking, timelines are tightening and the media universe is expanding?

Now is the time to ask:

  • Is our roster of early-stage campaign ideas ready to play?
  • Do we have the right mix of consumer interest, intrigue and potential for sustainable brand impact?
  • How can we leverage digital to amplify the moment and score big?

Getting creative right starts with great ideas and ends with optimized execution. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we believe in applying the right solution at the right time, whether it needs to be super-fast or deeply diagnostic, we have the expertise and solutions that fit your needs.

These tools incorporate validated frameworks to measure and optimize the elements we know drive advertising success.

FIRST DOWN: Idea Development

Brands leveraging early-stage consumer insights for campaign development and exploration are 70% more likely to generate significant sales impact, and high quality creative drives 4x return on marketing investment.

Gain strategic insights to understand consumers, screen early content and develop creative ideas aligned with your brand position.

Developer – Real-time Quant/Qual: Decision-ready insights in an immersive environment, so you understand how consumers experience your ideas.

  • How well does this creative platform align with the insights about my key consumer/audience?
  • Does this idea have the potential to be noticed and remembered? And will the brand play an integral role?
  • What does the idea say about the brand? Is it on strategy?
  • How can I best express my story across my intended touchpoints/engagements/channels?

PowerGroups – Qualitative at Scale: Quick, thoughtful feedback via a moderated conversation with a large audience, with insights delivered as if they were one intelligence to help you fine tune concepts, creative, and questionnaires.

  • How do I build a creative platform idea that resonates with my audience?
  • How can I quickly be sure my strategic idea/messaging is effective?
  • Will this help build the brand?
  • How can I provide guidance for optimizing and evolving the idea as we develop creative content?

SECOND DOWN: Executional & Iterative Testing

Evaluate and optimize creative from screening storyboards to testing final executions, powered by comprehensive machine and human approaches. Ensure that your ads will break through, drive sales and build brand equity with executional insights from Link – Kantar’s industry benchmark creative insights platform.

Link – Survey-based, flexible evaluation and diagnosis: With results in as few as 6 hours, the flexibility and speed of Link helps you understand if your creative is working and how you can make it better.

Link AI – Machine-based, flexible evaluation and diagnosis of video advertising: With results in as few as 15 minutes, Link AI provides validated results at speed for efficient volume screening, competitive testing, fast creative validation and rapid optimization.

  • Will the ad breakthrough? Will it differentiate my brand from competitors?
  • Will the ad connect with the target emotionally? In a meaningful way?
  • Will it drive sales in the short term and/or build brand equity in the long term?
  • What are the ad’s strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve?

Neuro modules can now be added to Storyboard, TV and Digital Link studies to maximize the emotional resonance of your ad.

THIRD DOWN: Performance Insights

Meta-analysis programs can be defined to answer more strategic creative questions. Guide marketing actions by understanding the impact of ads to optimize campaigns in-flight and improve ROI of future campaigns.

Analytics and meta-learning – aggregated best practices and creative impact insights: While diagnostics can easily be done on a “one off” basis, they can also feed into a meta learning system that allows you to create better content into the future. Kantar dashboards and databases are accessible, flexible and agile, allowing analytic inquiry, and encourage cross-project meta-analysis to dig deeper to uncover patterns of success.

  • Which of my ads/content engage most strongly with my target audience? Which of my assets work best amongst Gen Z?
  • Which of my assets work most strongly to trigger my brand?
  • Are there particular elements that make my creative more impactful?
  • What competitors are rising to the top in my category and why?
  • Where is there white space in messaging or execution across your category?

TOUCHDOWN: Super Bowl Advertising Best Practices

We have found that a Super Bowl ad is typically more than 20 times as effective as a typical TV ad when it comes to driving brand perceptions. Further, we found that 'Strong’ Super Bowl ads receive three times the ROI of ‘Average’ Super Bowl ads and drive 40% higher ad recall. So how do you make a winning Super Bowl ad to ensure your investment pays off? Explore our latest research to learn what you need to know for effective Super Bowl advertising: 

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Super Bowl advertising: What to expect during the Big Game

Watch this on-demand webinar where our Kantar experts explored the world’s most unique advertising event. They took a look back at some of the best Super Bowl ads of all time, discussed how the game has become a cultural moment for Americans, how brands can make the biggest impact, and how much of a return on investment these ads really generate.

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Super Bowl Creative Evolution:
DEI in the Big Game

What themes did we predict would dominate Super Bowl advertising in 2023 and how would it define the ads that made the biggest impact? Watch this on-demand webinar where Kantar's Deepak Varma, Head of Neuroscience Insights, explores major marketing themes during the Big Game and takes a deep dive on how DEI shows up in the advertising.

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Super Bowl 2023 Creative Effectiveness Report

We took an in-depth look at the performance of all national ads that ran during Super Bowl LVII based on three core measures of ad effectiveness in our Link AI platform, as well as in-game advertising trends, digital activations, and a breakdown of who is watching the Big Game. Download our Super Bowl 2023 Creative Effectiveness Report to dive into our findings so you can prepare for 2024. 

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Kantar Media Study

Kantar BLI with Creative Insights Powered by Link AI

Effectiveness of Media is dependent on Creative quality. That's why Kantar has launched an update to Kantar BLI, incorporating creative insights through Link AI. Kantar’s BLI now reports and measures campaigns against key Link AI Creative Scores –impact, persuasion, and power – to help you get actionable insights on your digital video creatives.

Creative insights in BLI are also benchmarked against channel-specific norms (YouTube, Facebook, online videos without context, TikTok).  

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