Kantar launches digital acceleration offer: Dx Analytics

15 April 2021

New York, NY, 15 April: Kantar, the largest evidence-based insight and consulting company, is launching a set of Digital (Dx) Analytics solutions to help brands use unstructured data to get deeper insight, and to measure and boost their digital marketing performance. The announcement reflects a fundamental shift in the importance of digital engagement since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ula Jones, Managing Partner, Analytics North America at Kantar, said: “Innovation is a critical priority for many brands and businesses as people have rapidly shifted their behavior online in the past year. The opportunity now exists to use digital data to capture category trends faster than humanly possible and identify novel ideas, brand perceptions and digital performance factors to accelerate business growth. The launch of our Dx Analytics solutions is how Kantar can help our partners achieve that.” 

Through Dx Analytics solutions, Kantar can analyze large datasets like search engine results, social media conversations, and online reviews to help brands understand what consumers think and how their digital marketing is cutting through. This will complement Kantar’s existing survey-led offers as well as significantly strengthen the company’s solutions in search and social research. The launch represents the conclusion of over a year of work since Kantar acquired Mavens of London, a digital marketing and analytics consultancy, in March 2020, scaling up Mavens’ boutique model to Kantar’s large resource and client base.

Dx Analytics will focus on helping brands answer three broad questions about navigating the post-COVID-19 marketplace and beyond:

  • Future Proofing – how to use digital data to identify, evaluate, rank and predict trends for any given category
  • Brand Blueprint – how to better understand consumer behaviors, identify audiences, and make the most of them in the online and offline space;
  • Digital Mastery – how to measure digital marketing effectiveness and improve the performance of online assets

Ula Jones continues: “If you ever wanted to demonstrate why digital strategy is so important, the pandemic gives us an immediate and firsthand example. Dx Analytics delivers a robust understanding of brands and people, to access a range of new insights that will help our clients steer their way through this fast-changing landscape.”

The Dx Analytics solution will be formally launched with a webinar session hosted by the Marketing Science Institute on April 15. For more information regarding the online event, visit the event website.