Reddit names Kantar its preferred Brand Lift measurement partner, alongside new campaign solutions

22 May 2024
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New York, NY, May 22 – Reddit announced today that it has named Kantar as its preferred brand lift measurement partner.

A long-time partner of Reddit, Kantar’s brand lift solutions have helped hundreds of advertisers understand how Reddit ads impact brand metrics such as awareness and action intent, and how they should optimize future media to drive improved campaign brand performance. This latest partnership allows Kantar to use Reddit’s randomized control trial (RCT) tools – the industry gold standard for ad exposure measurement – while maintaining data privacy for Reddit users. Reddit advertisers will also be able to access Kantar’s long history of expertise in creative optimization, brand media measurement, and third-party validation.

Kantar’s analysis found that ad campaigns on Reddit outperformed Kantar MarketNorms benchmark for Action Intent (how likely a user is to change their future behavior based on ad exposure) by over 47%. It also revealed advertisers achieved 3.5x higher lifts in Action Intent when combining Conversation + In-Feed vs. In-Feed posts alone.

Reddit’s Global Director of Marketing Sciences, Ryan Brendle, commented: “Balancing effective measurement readiness with privacy-centric solutions has never been more important for our clients than right now. It’s why working with Kantar makes sense for us. This partnership allows us to incorporate experiment-based measurement with      advanced analytics models, which we believe is the best way forward for all players in the industry”. 

As part of the renewed partnership, Reddit will also join Kantar’s Direct Integration program to deliver privacy-friendly brand lift measurement and seamless continuity for Reddit advertisers focused on brand goals. 

Kantar Executive Vice President, Media & Creative Solutions, Steve Silvers, commented: “We have built a resilient ad effectiveness measurement capability that leverages zero-party data actively provided by consumers. Our partnership with Reddit is another step towards a privacy-centered world and ensures media dollars are working harder than ever before.”

Advertisers will also gain a clear understanding of how to optimize brand campaigns on Reddit through the launch of Brand Media Playbooks, a series of verticalized guides detailing key advertising moments to help media planners and advertisers learn how best to drive brand impact on Reddit.

To learn more about how to best drive business success on Reddit, and what Kantar is doing to ensure future-ready measurement systems, reach out to us here.

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