Snapchat campaigns for The Big Game capture attention, outperforming Ad Awareness benchmarks by 1.2X, according to new Kantar and Snapchat big game analysis

Big Game campaigns that include Snapchat AR Lenses are even more successful at driving ad recall by 1.5X when compared to Kantar norms, study finds
07 February 2024
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NEW YORK (February 7, 2023) - Kantar, the world’s leading marketing data and analytics company, today announced the results of its Snapchat Big Game Analysis, executed to understand the role Snapchat plays in connecting advertisers to Snapchatters and other audiences during ‘the big game.’ Insights include research-specific directions based on ads run on Snapchat during past games that brand marketers should take as they prepare for this year’s Big Game.

The analysis found that exposure to multiple Snapchat Ad Products within a Big Game campaign is 2.2X more impactful at driving ad awareness and 2.9X more impactful at driving intent than exposure to a single ad type. The findings are compared to Kantar Market Norms, which for this analysis compares Snapchat data against Kantar Brand Lift Insights data that includes all campaigns run by Kantar.

The analysis provides in-depth insights based on Kantar’s Link AI database, where Kantar uploaded ~10,000 Snapchat video ads into its artificial intelligence systems to create a normative database to run future ads through so that Snapchat can predict ad performance on their platform in real time.

“Following successful partnered research with Snapchat within the travel and auto verticals, we have jointly decided once again to work together to explore how The Big Game campaigns and creatives perform on Snapchat,” said Meagan Hettrick, Senior Director, Media Delivery at Kantar. “The Big Game is one of the biggest tentpole events for brand marketers, who spend months perfecting the perfect campaign - not to mention the ad spend that goes into them. With the amount of eyeballs that go towards this pivotal moment in time, it’s no wonder that brands and marketers are looking for the best way to connect with users. Snapchat has immense opportunities and the potential to reach users where they are, on the platform they’re already using, with the right content.”  

"Snapchat is the place where people come to share the moments that matter most to them, which is why it's also one of the best platforms for brands to capture attention during major tentpole moments like the Big Game," said David Sommer, U.S. head of verticals at Snapchat. "Snapchat continues to innovate and drive consumer action by enabling advertisers in a variety of ways, and we're pleased to partner with Kantar to understand how we can better serve brand needs."

Additional key takeaways for brand marketers from the analysis:

How can brands drive intent among consumers?

  • To drive intent, Big Game ads should take advantage of both text and voiceover to communicate direct calls to action, highlight key benefits, and feature deals.
    • For food/beverage campaigns, it is important to have prominent shots of the product to entice viewers to consume.
    • For services campaigns such as sports betting, streaming, delivery, or utilities, a celebrity/human presence, engaging storyline, and humor are needed more than just product presence.

Methodology for the Snapchat Big Game Analysis incorporates two separate sources:

  • Source 1: 2023 Kantar Big Game Meta-Analysis on n=30 Snap Big Game Campaigns
  • Source 2: Kantar Link AI Analysis on n=31 Big Game Ads Across Verticals

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