Brand Tracking
Get the insights you need, when you need them, so you can make better faster decisions to grow your brand.

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Use a brand guidance system that gives you quick and easy access to the insights you need, with continuous brand and campaign measurement. Understand your brand performance now, and get alerts for early indicators of where your brand is heading. Deep-dive modules help you respond quickly to optimize activities, and stay on track.

Key features

Intelligent insight

Harness the analysis of thousands of data points from multiple sources to uncover trends and future-focused insights.

A system to guide your brand

Access timely brand insights quickly, easily and securely via your intelligence platform, to inform decision making.

Global brand experts

Experts identify the brand data and measures that matter for your business, building an agile system to guide your brand.

More information

Transform the way you make decisions with a brand guidance system built by experts in brand growth. With integrated survey, social, sales, media, and ad tracking data, plus more, your program is designed to help you correct issues, optimize campaign effectiveness, and improve future performance to grow your sales and brand equity.

Bringing your brand and communications tracking data together with multiple other insights from across Kantar in one place, you can see where your brand is now and where it is heading. When the unexpected happens, you can trigger further short deep-dive surveys to help you respond quickly to challenges and opportunities.

  • Check how your brand is performing against strategy and correct issues quickly
  • Keep a close eye on competitors and respond immediately to threats
  • Understand which campaigns best support your brand building strategy, using post-testing and ad effectiveness tracking to optimize media investment while campaigns are still live
  • Understand how your market and brand are evolving and what the future holds


Access fast, easy and secure insights that you need for your brand, when you need them, with our brand guidance systems. It intelligently analyses brand health tracking data and highlights critical information. Get alerts for an early indication of where your brand is heading, so you can react quickly to opportunities and threats. All in an easy-to-use and action-focused dashboard.

  • All your Kantar brand research insights together in one place: social, sales, media, and more
  • Continuous brand monitoring and campaign measurement, so you know where your brand is right now and if you are on track for future success
  • Advanced analytics and artificial intelligence interrogate thousands of data-points to uncover trends and provide critical forward-looking insights with real-time analysis to help you correct issues, optimize your marketing and improve future performance
  • Advanced simulation tools help you explore the likely impact of different scenarios


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