Brand and Portfolio Management

Manage brand and marketing investments in real time. Optimize performance for immediate and long-term success. Win market share.

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Are your brand strategies and marketing driving sales and building your brand? Use a brand guidance system that gives you fast, continuous, in-depth insights to guide quick action and inform long-term growth plans. Understand brand and campaign performance. Quickly respond to potential disruptions. Identify opportunities and simulate future outcomes to drive brand growth.

Key features

Integrated brand management

Access, interrogate and share all your insights quickly and easily in one place. Make clear, confident decisions and take action.

Quick responses to change

Identify and respond immediately to issues and competitive threats. Optimize investments in real time and stay ahead.

Shaping the future

Combine multiple data sources with advanced analytic, for future-focused insights. Seize brand growth opportunities.

More information

Manage your brand and portfolio in real time. Get quick access to the brand and communications insights you need, from multiple data sources, in one platform. Continuously monitor and optimize your brand performance and marketing investments. Get an in-depth understanding of your consumers and categories so that you can:

  • Understand if your marketing is driving sales and building your brand
  • Manage potential category disruptions as soon as they arise
  • Maximize return on investment across your media mix and touchpoints
  • Size and unlock brand growth opportunities.

Get in touch to find out more about how you can use a brand guidance system for effective brand management, and to stay ahead of your competition.

Bring together your multiple data sources with best-in-class Kantar thinking, to understand the bigger picture for your brand. Combine data sources with advanced analytics, to detect and anticipate future trends. Use simulation tools to test scenarios and identify future opportunities so that you can:

Contact us to find out more about how you can use a brand guidance system to ensure your brand strategies drive sales and deliver sustainable growth.

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