Find and sustain top line growth. Our strategic consultants around the world deliver practical services through solutions that drive incremental growth.

Growth has shifted – real growth now lies in uncomfortable places. We help brands and companies drive and sustain top line growth.

How we help you

  • Are you building an organization geared toward growth?


    To grow sustainably, brands to rethink their operating model and adopt agile ways of working to deliver value to consumers with real-time speed. This requires new marketing, sales and commercial capabilities built through personalized learning, flexible talent development – all focused on helping your business grow.

  • Can you optimize your commercial performance and process?


    Understanding your performance and process is key to success in any trade environment. Our proprietary trade and category management solutions are designed to help consumer goods companies to transform, through the optimization of assortment, pricing, trade terms & promotions, channel and customer planning, field force and distributor management.

  • How do you understand the consumer and shoppers of tomorrow?


    It's crucial to understand consumer and shopper journeys, to design and implement strategic business plans with consumers and the shoppers at heart. Our proprietary capabilities include retail, consumer and shopper analytics to help you stay ahead of market trends, and build strategic plans. Build strategic marketing and communication plans when you source new markets for growth, looking at future trends and understanding the cultural impact of consumers.