Market Opportunity Identification

Unlock new product and service innovation opportunities from the start to drive incremental growth for your business.

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We explore people’s needs, aspirations and frictions in different moments to uncover opportunities. We identify and size these moments and show how to win with these opportunities. We work with these insights throughout the innovation journey to help you develop and launch winning innovations.

Key features

Innovation experts

Actionable guidance from our innovation experts helps you identify and unlock the most promising innovation opportunities.

Validated approaches

We use survey solutions, ethnography, cognitive interviewing and explore social media to uncover the right foundations.

Clear direction

Get clear and actionable direction on where the biggest opportunities lie, and how to win with those opportunities.

In today’s hypercompetitive and rapidly evolving world, finding the right growth opportunity is more challenging than ever. Matrix pinpoints real growth opportunities by understanding the drivers of choice in different moments. It helps you improve your innovation success rate by identifying people’s unmet needs and tensions as well as product issues and defining, sizing and profiling strategies for each opportunity.

People experience brands in different ways. Their experiences and choices depend on many contextual influences. Yet, traditional research often conceals the optimum moment for engagement because it lacks the detail of contextual interpretation. Locator sizes the moments of greatest potential for your brand and shows how you can improve performance and messaging to beat other brands in these specific moments.

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