Concept Development & Testing

Develop new products and services that grow portfolio sales and build your brand, by nurturing the right ideas.

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Our validated ConceptEvaluate suite helps you identify winning concepts with double the accuracy of traditional approaches. From AI-powered survey-trained insights to survey-based solutions, it helps you screen, optimize and nurture your concepts at every step of the innovation the journey. Focus budget and resources on concepts that drive incremental growth for your portfolio and build your brand.

Key features

Extensively validated

With proven links to sales, our approach doubles the accuracy of identifying concepts that will drive top-line growth.

Expert guidance

We have a global network of innovation experts and insights from a database of over 100,000 concepts.

Innovative solutions

We constantly innovate to reflect consumer reality, combing the latest Type 1 thinking and virtual reality technology.

More information

ConceptEvaluate identifies the most promising concepts that will drive incremental sales for your business. It identifies strengths and weaknesses, to help you maximize growth. With an extensive benchmarking database of over 100,000 concepts and predictive measures, it is proven to improve innovation success rates by 50%. Get results in as few as 24 hours with Kantar Marketplace, the automated research platform for marketers who want to test, learn and move faster.

ConceptEvaluate in context reflects the purchase experience, by simulating the choices people make with a realistic competitive environment to predict true in-market potential. By recording actual behavior (clicks and basket adds) it measures people's actions every step of the purchase journey, providing insights to help you optimize concepts for maximum impact on your brand portfolio.


Innovation and product development on Kantar Marketplace 

Propel business growth with agile consumer feedback solutions built for each stage of the innovation and product development lifecycle.
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