Pack Development & Testing
Develop packaging that builds desire for your products, drives incremental sales, and gets your brand noticed.

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Our pack testing suite helps you create, screen and validate winning packaging that stands out, engages consumers and drives growth. It uses the latest virtual reality technology and Type 1 thinking to replicate life-like shopping environments, in store and online.

Key features


Put people at the heart of pack design to develop packaging that meets their functional, emotional and social needs.

Reflecting reality

Test packs in one of 150 realistic, life-like virtual stores to replicate real shopping experiences, in store or online.

Fast, cost-efficient and scalable

Get global scale, with results delivered on an interactive dashboard and advice from innovation and commerce experts.

More information

Pack Create helps you create pack designs that meet people’s individual needs, early on and throughout the validation process, saving time and budget.

Pack Express prioritizes winning pack designs that align with your brand positioning, with clear guidance on what really works.

Pack eValuate uses behavioral techniques and virtual reality for a quick and accurate understanding of pack engagement and the impact it will have on sales.

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