Product Development & Testing
New products fail at an alarming rate. To thrive you need fast, reliable insight throughout the product development cycle.

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We help you create and launch exceptional products with Product eValuate, by evaluating emotional and functional performance in real-life situations. We uniquely harness the world’s largest online review and ratings community, with automated analysis and reporting, to evaluate products in half the time and cost of traditional studies.

Develop superior products, fastWith standardized questionnaires and automated analysis and reporting, Product Express evaluates products in half the time and cost of traditional studies.

Key features

Engaged respondents

Get quality feedback from consumers, with video experiences and user ratings to help maximize your products’ potential.

Close to reality

We reflect actual experiences, testing products in real contexts with Home Tester Club’s 2 million+ members globally.

Fast, actionable insights

Get immediate results in a live interactive dashboard, and an optional report 24 hours after the final interview.

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