Faster insights for Delivery Hero through templated solutions

Delivery Hero case study
Learn how a global online food ordering and delivery leader used templated survey solutions to accelerate their data collection and visualization.
Frédéric Lamotte, Research Director, Delivery Hero“We are now able to launch a test within a few minutes, as our questionnaire is already scripted. All we need to do is to upload in the platform the spots we want to test. This task is managed within minutes and once the survey is submitted, we can be live in the chosen country within the hour. It’s an incredible time-saving process for us and we highly recommend any company to use this platform if they often launch short surveys through a standardised questionnaire. We can also download the results in a customised format with just one click, without needing to wait for these to be sent by a team.”


Delivery Hero had developed their own TVC testing tool for ad concepts. It was used for newly developed concepts, previously aired concepts and for time spots comparisons. However, they frequently needed to run surveys at short notice and found the ad hoc approach was taking too long. They required an agile, faster solution.


Kantar created a templated solution built from the online questionnaire Delivery Hero had previously been running. This, along with Kantar’s access to respondents in over 70 global markets was critical in helping launch the survey in a short period of time in the 40 markets they wished to survey. We also created a bespoke portal to directly connect Delivery Hero with their consumer data.


With Kantar’s platform, Delivery Hero had their standardized questionnaire scripted and translated into 39 languages. It was available for them to set up and launch projects on their own at their own time.

Additionally, by having a project credit system integrated into the platform they were able to understand project cost implications quickly. This enabled more efficient test evaluations, and therefore sped up the process to field.


The impact in terms of timesaving has been immense for Delivery Hero. The personalized survey templates allow them to quickly set up and launch a project themselves – bypassing the standard project commissioning and programming traditional steps. The bespoke portal and automated data visualization also allows the seamless and fast sharing of data to stakeholders, turning insight into action at a more rapid rate.

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