Proving the value of premium ads for Discovery, Inc.

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We helped Discovery, Inc. understand attention and engagement with different types of video ad experiences and prove the value of premium ads for streaming.


Discovery, Inc. wanted to understand if a premium ad offer was more attention-grabbing and drove greater engagement compared to a standard ad type on their streaming platforms and they needed a partner to help prove the value to their advertiser partners.


Kantar’s Context Lab solution with Neuro Facial Coding was used to help answer Discovery’s key questions. Context Lab is a virtual lab environment which allows an audience to view ads in the context of the platform. With the addition of facial coding, researchers could understand if an audience was more attentive and engaged moment-by-moment across multiple different ad experiences.


Using the Neuro Facial Coding technique, Kantar found

  • The audience was less expressive when viewing the standard ad experience and expressiveness was higher when watching ad breaks featuring more premium CTV ad products.
  • One of the premium ad offers drove Ad Recall over 50 points, further validating the impact of the more innovative ad product.


Incorporating Neuro Facial Coding into the Context Lab research provided the opportunity to

  • Expand insights into how audiences were engaging every moment and interpreting the full ad experience, beyond standard brand metrics.
  • Validate that Discovery’s streaming platform is offering effective premium ad experiences well-suited for longer ads and targeting Gen Z audiences.
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