Helping a leading manufacturer win with shoppers

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Kantar's global research helped this electronics manufacturer improve sales, by developing an insights-based culture focused on "in-store influencers".


A major consumer electronic manufacturer asked us for global shopper research and an embedding program across multiple categories and numerous countries. New objectives emerged, including becoming a more insights-driven company; shifting from sell-in to sell-out and focus; taking a ‘category view’ in customer engagements; and gaining a long-term competitive advantage.


Integrating assets from across Kantar, we executed shopper research and created insights reports, alongside story-telling and embedding workshops. This effort included research and reports in 30+ countries and workshops in 25+ countries.


We uncovered that CSR (Customer Service Rep) and product demonstrations are key in-store touch-points. Other touchpoints (merchandising, brochures, fact tags) should complement CSR-shopper engagement; commercial and category proposition provide a key “gateway to CSR”.


Our work resulted in greater influence on retail customer service representatives, improved relationships with retail customers, accelerated market share growth and improved sales performance in premium segments.

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