Unpacking Consideration

How the consideration phase of the consumer decision-making journey offers new potential for marketers.
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In today’s world, the once linear purchase funnel has transformed drastically. With the ubiquity of the internet, on-demand media, brand content, reviews and consumer opinions, the mid-funnel consideration phase has become increasingly challenging to navigate.

Consumers now shop in a more complex, often “stop-and-start” manner. If marketers don't lean into the consideration phase, they’ll miss an opportunity to connect with their audience. The complexity of the consideration phase provides a unique opportunity for marketers to build their brands and be top of mind for consumers throughout their journeys.

Kantar, in partnership with Google, set out to understand the current state of the consumer’s research and purchase journey. As part of the quantitative and qualitative research conducted on both marketers and in-market consumers, we evaluated the impact of various media channels on select verticals in the sales and distribution services sector: Home Consumer Services (real estate, renovation/repair); Education, Job & Career Services, Aggregator/ Comparison Sites.

Download this custom research from Kantar & Google to understand the opportunity for marketers to lean into the complexity of the consideration phase:
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