Future Proof: How is COVID-19 impacting customer experience, and financial services?

Walker Smith and Barbara Cador share their perspectives on the CX response from banks during the crisis, and what is likely to happen next.
09 April 2020
woman using phone for banking
J Walker Smith
Walker Smith

Knowledge Lead, North America

barbara cador

Global Head of CX+

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As the pandemic changes how people deal with businesses (and each other), Walker Smith and Barbara Cador discuss the possible responses when it comes to customer experience, particularly in the banking sector, as people worry more about their financial situation. Will this speed up digital transformation in financial services, or reinforce the importance of a human touch? What differences and similarities are we seeing in various markets around the world when it comes to consumer needs and preferences? And how will this change our relationships with banks, and our feelings about the ways they use our data?

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