Latam’s new lockdown behaviors

Coronavirus has accelerated important trends in behavior as consumers adapt to a new way of life that is more digital.
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marcela botana

Regional Account Director, Worldpanel Division

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Latam is adapting to social restriction by adopting new behaviours. We present ten slides on the winners and losers across the region.

Coronavirus has accelerated important trends in behaviour as consumers adapt to a new way of life that is more digital, more focused on family and home and where consumption is even more centred on food.

You can download the presentation, featuring ten slides of charts and data, to learn more about the following trends in Latin America:

  • Emerging channels such as ecommerce and telephone orders have become more important and consumers are increasing consumption of food delivery
  • The kitchen is the hub of the house, but people are also looking for ways to save time by focusing on dishes that are practical and simple
  • Spend on food has risen but categories that play a social role, such as personal care or beauty, have suffered
  • Lifestyles have adapted and the change is likely to be permanent as spending decreases.

What does it mean for your brand or category? Download the ten slides, and get in touch with your queries.

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