Seven opportunity areas for retailers and suppliers during COVID-19

From personal care to impulse to loyalty, new opportunity areas have emerged for retailers and suppliers amid the COVID-19 crisis.
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Christina Anderson

Senior Director, Consulting Division

Lei Duran

Senior Vice President, Consulting Division

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Seven pivots for future growth

Since COVID-19, shoppers have expanded their retailers set, tested new fulfilment methods, and re-prioritized elements of the retail experience. With this change in behaviour comes new opportunity for retailers and suppliers to create new occasions, strengthen loyalty, and right-size assortment. During the Retail Realities of COVID-19 Virtual Event, we outlined seven pivots for success, complete with near- and long-term implications:

  1. Shop less, buy more: For many categories, shoppers are making fewer trips, but buying more
  2. Impulse: Despite some challenges, many impulse categories have the opportunity to thrive
  3. Shopper loyalty: There’s a growing willingness to abandon preferences for what’s available
  4. Serving the growing cash-strapped shopper: The most vulnerable shoppers will cut or eliminate to stay afloat
  5. A new era of celebrations and interactions: Shopping rhythm and the seasonal cycle has been up-ended
  6. The snacking surge: Less structure and limited dining out options has led to a leniency in treating ourselves
  7. The personal care pause: Quarantine has caused a downturn in personal care occasions

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