Video: Wayne Levings on how Kantar is addressing COVID-19

What work are we doing at Kantar to ensure we continue to support your business, as the coronavirus pandemic escalates and impacts our health and economic wellbeing?
30 March 2020
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wayne levings

President and Chief Client Officer

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Our priorities are to ensure we keep delivering for you, our clients, and generate new insights that help you and your business stay in touch with your customers.

We have robust business continuity plans and are taking all the necessary steps to protect our business and the work we do with you.

We are working with you and your teams in different agile and virtual ways. A lot of our face-to-face work has moved to online. We have the world's largest privacy-compliant online panel network. We are also working together with your teams via virtual meetings and workshops.

Finally we are providing you with a lot of data and insights on COVID-19 – how it impacts consumers and society in general, but also on some of the key business questions you might have, such as what is the impact on my brand? How does it impact advertising, and online behaviour?

Thank you for your valued partnerships and support.

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