Will these 12 cancer trials change clinical practice?

ASCO 2019 and future directions in oncology.
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The American Society of Clinical Oncology’s annual meeting in Chicago is the preeminent date on the cancer research calendar, and ASCO 2019 was no exception.

The healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical industry executives and global media that assembled at McCormick Place in June were presented with a wealth of new clinical data readouts from the oncology spectrum.

Kantar was on-site in Chicago gathering insights on the future direction for oncology. As the dust settles on ASCO 2019, and clinical practice begins to adapt to this year’s meeting, this report picks out the key findings from 12 cancer trials, and we put the ASCO headlines into context for patients, prescribers and the pharmaceutical industry.

In doing so, our experts examine trial highlights from some of the biggest players in the business as well as those seeking to make a name for themselves. Looking at presentations by AstraZeneca, Gilead, Janssen, Merck & Co, Novartis, Seattle Genetics and others, we also dig into the robustness of the data and, for some medicines, find compelling levels of benefit.

The performance of emerging cancer medicines is put into context with currently available treatment options, and there is advice on what it means for the standard of-care in oncology, as waves of exciting new approaches to treatment come into view.

From ‘tumor agnostic’ technology to a breakthrough in cancers involving KRAS mutations, antibody-drug conjugates to a maturing approach in immuno-oncology, there are many research advances in cancer to be excited about.

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